Born in 1994, and is a 9th Grader at Degrassi Community School.

Alli Bhandari
"Never have I ever!"


Clare, Jenna, KC, Drew


Johnny, Drew (on and off)

First Appearance

"Uptown Girl, Part One"


Melinda Shankar

Season 9 SummaryEdit

In Just Cant Get Enough Part 1 Alli is jealous of the new girl, Jenna, when Jenna finds a friend in Clare. She then tries to be friends with Jenna because Jenna wanted to be friends with both of them from the start.

In Shoot To Thrill, Alli feels that she needs to "spice things up" in her relationship with Johnny. She enrolls in photography classes and takes rather intimate pictures of Johnny cuddling with a teddy bear. Chante says that she should show them publicly, and Alli agrees, though knowing that Johnny didn't want them to be seen. Alli earlier took naked pictures of herself and sent them to Sav's old cell phone, which Alli had given Johnny. Now, seeing the cuddly photo on display, he threatens to send them to Bruce. Alli, attempting to get the phone away from him, hits the "Send" button by accident, and Bruce receives the text directly in front of Mr. Simpson. Principal Hatzilakos lectures Alli about circulating such pictures of herself, stating it could become a police matter with regard to child pornography; Alli begs the principal not to bring it to the police because she already has a file there. Alli and Johnny break up when Johnny wants to keep the naked pictures as something to remember Alli by.

In You Be Illin', Alli is seen with Clare and Jenna breaking into Johnny's locker to get the pictures back. They don't get the pictures, but Alli finds a picture of her and Johnny together and she starts falling for him again. After a talk, Johnny eventually gives Alli the cellphone back with the photos. Alli gets her hopes up when he tells her he wants to talk in the music room after school. He tells her he found a genital wart and that she also should get checked out since they had sex. He admits that he lied to her and he didn't lose his virginity to Alli. Alli is shocked and asked who it was and he confesses to her he slept with more than one girl.

Alli is seen accompanied by Jenna to the clinic and Alli tells her to promise not to tell Clare. An exam of Alli is encouraging; the health nurse recommends she get the HPV vaccine; surprisingly, Alli's parents approve of it. Blood tests of Alli show negative.

Alli decides she wants revenge on Johnny for lying to her. Jenna helps Alli plot revenge. They decide to put wires on Jenna and try to persuade him to tell her about his STD so they can broadcast to the school. Their plan fails because instead of following Jenna's prompting remarks, Johnny tells Jenna that Alli is the only girl he wants. In the end, Alli tells him they are over because she can't trust him. Johnny tells her she was the first girl he slept with that he actually liked.

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Alli in Season 9

In Heart Like Mine Part 1 she witnesses KC and Jenna's kiss when KC got the award. KC tells her to mind her own business, Alli gets pissed and tells him she will definitely tell Clare.

In Heart Like Mine Part 2 Alli and Clare cut themselves off from Jenna.

In Holiday Road Alli is with Clare in the gym when Emma arrives back to town. Alli asks Emma if she loves college. When Emma tells Alli and the others that she hates it, Alli is confused and asks her why because there's no parents and you practically get to do what you want. Emma tells her why and Alli is surprised.

In Start Me Up Alli tries to cheer up Clare after her break up with KC. Later in the episode, Alli and Clare go to the Fritz Helder concert Alli is surprised to find out that Clare copied the paper from Declan. Clare feels ashamed and tells her that she'd understand that if she wouldn't want to be friends with her. Alli tells her that she is acting silly and she doesn't have to be ashamed. Alli and Clare go and have a good time. When, Clare presents a real story in class she feels happy about taking Alli's advice. So, her and Alli after class go to the bathroom and Clare puts on a lacy bra. Her and Alli laugh and run out.

In Why Can't This Be Love? Part 1, Alli has to tell Johnny that her and him are officially over. Also, when Sav was meeting Farrah she tells him he can pick his job off the floor at anytime.

In Why Can't This Be Love? Part 2, Alli is upset that she has to go to Degrassi on a saturday to help set up for the prom and her and Dave have to serve the drinks to the people at prom. Dave tries to cheer up all and tells her that the drink could be called the 'Bhandurner'. Alli finds him funny but kind of unusual. At, prom her and Dave become friends and are very chummy. When, Johnny comes over to get a drink he tells her that she is lame and that her friend is a child. Alli tells Johnny to back off. Later on, Alli finds Dave hilarious when he starts dancing and doing crazy moves. The next day, Alli and Dave are seen playing a card game and Alli realizes that she wants to be more adult like and that Dave is too kiddish for her. She walks away, making Dave feel like crap. Later on, she apologizes and tells him that she really wants to be his friend and they are friends again.

In Innocent When You Dream, besides helping her best friend Clare with her crush on Declan, Alli comes up with the clever online name "Madame Degrassi". Also, when Clare gets 4-star ratings, and an "M" for maturity on her posts Alli congratulates her. At, Connor's party Alli was in charge of the "7-minutes of Heaven" game that they play. When Clare leaves after giving Wesley a hickey, Alli goes to cheer her up. Clare is mad and is blowing off steam and talks about how she doesn't want to have sexual thoughts becuase she has an absetance ring and she doesn't want to make a mistake of having sex with somebody like Alli did with Johnny. Alli felt hurt and almost felt like crying. Later on, Alli and Clare make up and Alli tells her that they are cool and she knew she was only blowing off steam.

Season 10 SummaryEdit

Alli will be a sophomore at Degrassi Community School.

In What A Girl Wants Part 1, Dave is back at Degrassi and is with his best friend Connor, Connor and Dave both check out Alli as she's walking into school. Dave confronts her and asks her stupid embarrassing questions, but Alli just rolls her eyes and seems to be bothered by them. When they get into the classroom where they are introduced to Ms. Oh, Dave along with Connor and Wesley are confused as to where the chairs are. Alli then logs on to a computer and yells at Dave for making her hottest girl #42 on the hottest Degrassi Girls List. Dave is embarrassed and doesn't know how to react. Also, in the classroom, Dave asks Ms. Oh if she's old enough to be a teacher. Later on, him and Connor are in the hallways and they are talking about why Alli is acting so weird, since they were friendly all summer.

In What A Girl Wants Part 2, Alli is still pissed about Dave, so she decides to make a Degrassi Looser List, and put it around the whole school, in despite. She even gave the list to Dave, who looked at it and was very upset. Later on, at the Dot, Clare is with Alli telling her that she's being too dramatic because Dave only put her as #42 and that doesn't mean anything at all. Alli rolls her eyes. Dave then goes to the Dot, and asks Clare if he can talk to Alli, shes wants him too so she says gladly. Alli walks up to Dave and they talk, Dave tells her that the list that he made is stupid, because he thinks she's the hottest in the school, and he's not lying. Alli kisses him and he asks if they're going out now, but she says their only friends, and Dave jokes around saying friends with benefits, and Alli laughs.

In Breakaway Part 1, Clare tells Alli that she is getting a surgery on her eyes to make them better, and that she won't need to wear glasses, and contacts. Without them knowing that Jenna overhears them talking. Later in the episode, Alli confronts her bro Sav saying that she's going to get all the attention when their parents find out that Anya is preggers, but then she learns that it was a joke and tells them that they were weird.

In Breakaway Part 2, Alli is amazed to see Clare's new eye surgery. She finds it funny the payback that Clare gives Jenna. She is very happy for her best friend. Later on, she thinks that Clare likes the new boy Eli, and smiles when he picks up her glasses. Alli thinks Clare has totally changed.

In 99 Problems Part 1, Alli decides this will be her year, so in order to become popular she decides to try out for the Power Squad. At lunch she sits with them and manages to get herself an audition if she gets Chantay a skinny latte and spearmint gum. The next day she comes into the practice room with the coffee and gum, and she's wearing Darcy's old uniform. Chantay is surprised, but thinks she's horrible at dancing. She helps her until she is a decent dancer. Alli is very happy and feels she's going to make the team, the next day, she doesn't see her name on the list. After confronting Chantay and learning she wasn't the best, Alli wants revenge. She talks with Clare at the Dot, and Clare gives her the idea to start her own club. Alli decides to make a dance club, and rebell and show the Power Squad and Chantay off.

In 99 Problems Part 2, Alli starts a dance club to rival the Power Squad, getting the new girl, Bianca, to join. During practice, Bianca shows up and shows off her dance moves and impresses everyone, especially Alli. After a while, Alli decides that they should all go to the football game together, but Bianca disagrees. Later on after a break, Alli comes back with news that they will be performing at the game, even though none of them are ready. Bianca refuses and Alli cuts her from the club. Bianca proudly leaves and the rest of the club follow her, leaving Alli all alone. At the game, she is the only one left to perform and states that if anyone wants to join her, they are welcome to do so. At first Alli is dancing alone, but Clare joins her and soon everyone else in the bleachers starts dancing too.

In You Don't Know My Name Part 2, Alli is tired of Drew, so she decides to befriend Jenna and ignore Drew as much as possible. Drew is walking with K.C. and asks him if he knows of any girls that are simple and easy with no drama. K.C. points towards the cheerleaders and picks out Marisol, a girl from earlier in the season that wedged between K.C. and Jenna. Drew makes a move on Marisol and they later go out on a date at the Dot. When Peter asks what they want, Drew is the first to order. Marisol orders the same and says that she likes it when people think for her. Drew tries to win Alli back after realizing that he really did like her, but Alli rejects all of his apologies. Even after he got KC, Owen, and another football player to get into a huddle and sing a goofy song to make Alli fall for Drew. When he sincerely apologizes, at the dance by getting Adam, to walk up to Alli, and told her to go to the photo booth because Jenna wants her. Alli reluctantly goes, thinking Jenna is there. Drew apologizes Alli agrees and they get back together. They take pictures of them making out.

rue,” and recruits new character Bianca. It turns out Bianca’s an experienced dancer, and she looks to whip the team into shape. The problem is Alli doesn’t want that; the whole point of the group is that SHE would become popular because of its existence…she doesn’t want to actually work for it. The team quits on her, leaving her out to dry, but the episode ends with her and a bunch of random people humorously dancing around at the football game. Alli is happy about this.

In "Better Off Alone (1)", Alli has a crush on Drew, and she invites Drew to her party to get his attention. At the party Alli asks Dave for advice on getting Drew, but Dave misunderstands Alli, and thinks she loves him. Alli gets the party to play a game of I Never, where when someone says something they have never done, anyone who has done it must remove an item of clothing. While, playing the game Dave keeps his arm around Alli, thinking they're a couple or close to being a couple. A few moments pass, Right when Drew is about to take off his pants, Alli shuts the party down but switches Drew's watch with her own. Drew comes back and he and Alli begin making out.

In Better Off Alone Part 2, Alii thinks that Drew is now her boyfriend. She tells Dave, and at first he thinks she is talking about him, and is heartbroken when he finds out she means Drew. Later on Alli asks Drew if he wants to go see a movie with her or go to The Dot. He says that he already has plans and that since he's QB1 he's really busy. Drew later tells Alli that he still wants to spend time with her and she suggests that they go see the movie. Instead he suggests they go make out some more and they go back to Alli's house.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 1, Alli is in the MI Lab with Jenna watching her try on her new Power Squad uniform, when Jenna closes the blinds. Jenna complains to Alli that she can't fit into the skirt, and Alli tells her that she's silly for thinking that. Jenna's serious, and asks if she's fat. Alli tells Jenna she's far from fat, but you can tell Jenna doesn't believe her.

In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 2, Alli and Jenna walk into MI Lab together, and she talks about how she's lucky that her brother Sav got introuble, now her parents are focusing more on him, and not on her. Later on, Alli talks with Jenna in the caf, and learns about her farts. She also learns that Jenna's new nickname for a while is, "Squirt". Alli gives her advice.

In You Don't Know My Name Part 1, Alli wants to be more than Drew's makeout friend. She learns about the hoedown throwdown dance, and taking advice from Jenna and KC, Alli asks Drew on a double date to the dance, he tells her "no he can't". Alli is now convinced he just doesn't want to go with her, but he tells her that his mom wont let him go to anything if he doesn't get a good "mark" on his essay. Alli thinks that's silly and offers to help him with it, he seems bothered by that and tells her "no"! Later that day Alli sees Drew in the hallway and asks how his essay is going so far. He tells her good, but when she grabs it and reads it, it's horrible. She asks again if he needs help, and he says no once again, because his mom told him to do it himself, but she thinks happy if she helps him his mom, him, and her will all be happy, and he will be able to go to the dance with her. The next day in the MI Lab, Alli is with Jenna and she tells Alli that she shouldn't bother, but Alli without telling Drew decided to write his essay for him, and print it and spellcheck it and everything, including hers. She puts the essays on Mr. Perino's desk, and tells Drew, he isn't happy; even though he didn't finish his essay anyway. Mr. Perino reads Drew's to the class because he is amazed it was in on time. When he reads words in the essay that Drew doesn't know, he becomes suspicious. But, so Drew wouldn't get in trouble, Alli tells Mr. Perino she did it, Alli is sent to the office. Later on, Alloi learns her and Drew aren't in trouble as much as they thought, but their realtionship may be. Alli still wants to go to the dance, Drew then explodes and tells her she isn't as smart as he thought, Alli is confused. Drew tells her before starting a relationship he puts the girl he wants to date, through a test, and Alli failed miserably. He leaves, and Alli is super pissed, and embarrassed.

You Don't Know My Name (2) Alli walks by Drew in a shoving angy way looking back at him. She is then seen sitting outside the Dot with Jenna. Alli says, "I've seen a side of him that was really mean." Jenna asks if she's over him and Alli looks over and sees Drew walking towards the Dot with Marisol and says, "I'm pretty sure he's over me." Alli asks Jenna If they could go, and they both leave the Dot, with Alli going across the street. Drew comes as Alli walks out and asks her to the dance. She declines saying, "We have one fight and you run off to Marisol." The next day at school Drew asks a few of his team mates to help him out after Adam tells him that the right girl needs more effort. She once again declines his invite to the dance. At the dance Alli is seen dancing with another guy as Drew watches. Adam then tells Alli that Jenna wants to see her at the photobooth. When Alli shows up she sees Drew and says "You're not Jenna." Drew makes a full apology and tells Alli why he likes her. They then take photos in the photobooth. The next day Alli is seen at her locker hanging up the photos and Drew comes saying that he is looking for his girlfriend and Alli says that she is looking for her boyfriend. Drew then puts a label on Alli's forehead that reads "Drew's Girlfriend" and one on his that reads "Alli's Boyfriend" and they walk off holding hands.

In Tears Dry On Their Own Part 1 Jenna starts to feel sick, and Alli tells her she should take a pregnancy test and gave her some books that said she had all the signs. Jenna refused to take the test. After the audition, KC takes Jenna to the Dot for some victory lunch. Alli shows up and Jenna asks KC for some more water. He goes to get the water, and she tells Alli that she can't stand the smell of the humus, and that she thinks she's ready to take the pregnancy test. Later, she is seen taking a pregnancy test with Alli. While waiting in the bathroom for the pregnancy test to say the results, Jenna complains to Alli on how and why it takes so long for the results to come out, Alli tells her that the directions say three minutes. After, waiting the longest three minutes of her life, Jenna looks at the pregnancy test, saying "oh crap" while looking at a positive two-lined pregnancy test.

In Tears Dry On Their Own, Part 2 begins with Jenna and Alli discussing Jenna's pregnancy. Alli tells Jenna that she has to tell K.C., but Jenna doesn't want to, and in her first attempt to tell him she sees how happy he is right now and doesn't. On the second attempt though, Jenna tells K.C. and he tells her to get an abortion. Jenna does not want an abortion and she and K.C. briefly fight over the matter. Alli then goes with Jenna to the closet of Next Teen Star, where it says on their waivers that all preexisting conditions must be told to the directors. Alli pretends she is pregnant and wanted to audition to see what the lady in charge says, and the lady says that a baby would make all the tabloids, but carrying a baby around wouldn't be good for anyone concerned. Jenna and Alli look at each other, confused and scared.

In Still Fighting It Part 1, Alli is on a bench outside of the school snuggling with Drew.

In Still Fighting It Part 2, At the auction, it's his turn to go up, but no girls bid for him, Anya helps introduce him, but no one bids for him. Anya eventually bids $2 for him, and Wesley is happy, and even Drew and Alli are happy for him.

In Purple Pills Part 2, Alli leaves class as fast as she can when the stink bomb goes off.

In All Falls Down Part 1, Alli is sitting on a bench with Drew in the hallways, and is helping him study for the upcoming exams. The begin to kiss, until someone interrupts them. It's is Drew's mom, she starts to be a little rude, and makes remarks on how Alli is probably why Drew is failing. Drew is embarrassed and Alli tells her that it's nice to meet her and tries to shake her hand, after she walks away, Drew tries to makeout, but Alli tells him it'd be best if they study for now. A few minutes later Drew is getting study advice from KC, but Bianca is standing in the hallway and is staring at Drew, and making him stare and smile back. While still "studying", KC realizes that Drew isn't paying attention, and decides to give up. Bianca comes over and sits next to Drew, she asks if he can zipper her sweat jacket up because it stuck, when he does she puts her hands on his chest, and they both sorta like it. After, Bianca thanks him and walks away. At lunch, Alli and Drew go and sit down, and they begin talking, Drew claims he wants to study, and they talk. Drew then gets a text from Bianca, and doesn't want Alli to see it, but after a little wrestling to get the phone Alli asks Drew why Bianca is sending her sexy photos. Drew tells her he doesn't know, Alli gets up and tells him that she's going to beat her up, but Drew tells her that he can handle it, and plus he won't do anything to do their relationship. Alli trusts him. Alli goes to class and tells Clare that she should go after Eli especially since he is kissing her, and he doesn't mind. While Alli is in class, Drew confronts Bianca in the hallway, and tells her that he likes the photos after she asks, but he tells her that her heart belongs to Alli, she tells him that she doesn't care. Bianca tells him that she doesn't care who he's going out with, and if he wants to be with her she'll be in the Boiler Room at 4:00pm. Drew is pressured. In class he tells KC what is going on, he gets another sexy photo from Bianca, and shows KC, who gasps. Before "failing" the exams Drew looks at Bianca who smiles and then looks at Alli who smiles and waves. He is pressured. After handing in his exam, Drew asks Alli if she wants to do something, after school, maybe go to the dot. Alli tells him that she has to go to Clare's to prepare for the dance but she can cancel. Drew tells her she doesn't have to while looking at Bianca, he Alli to go get all sexy looking. At Clare's house Alli gives pregnancy advice to Jenna, and dresses herself up all sexy like. Alli also learns that Clare is having a lot of drama with Eli and Fitz, and her and Jenna try to help her. While Alli was at Clare's, Drew doesn't know what to do, and goes back in the school, he starts to go to the Boiler Room where Bianca is waiting. She is there outside the door, and is waiting for him, she grabs his hand and undoes his belt, he hesitates before going in but then does. Bianca has "oral sex" with Drew, in the Boiler Room and Alli doesn't know yet.

In All Falls Down Part 2, Drew is looking for Alli, and is pressured because he doesn't want her to know about him and Bianca in the boiler room. Adam suggests that he should, but Drew tells him he's crazy. Drew walks up and sits down next to a stunningly dressed Alli who is playing to win chips. Drew and Alli talk until, Bianca walks up to him and talks a bit about the boiler room. Drew explains how after school, Bianca persuaded him to the boiler room, but the only thing they did was kiss. He said reluctantly. Alli asked if that was the only thing, and Drew reluctantly said yes lying to her. Alli becomes pissed and leaves Drew, and sits in the hallway crying. They don't know that Owen noticed all of this. Drew confronts Alli in the hallway and tells her that it wont happen ever again, and that it was just a stupid kiss. Alli falls for him again, and wipes up her tears and they go back to the dance. But, she makes him promise to never talk to Bianca again, he promises. While discussing it and overhearing Alli and Drew talking while playing for chips at the dance, Bianca walks up to Alli and tells her that she's crazy to think that kissing was all they did. Alli is stunned, Bianca tells her that she was the only one to keep her clothes on, and that her boyfriend Drew didn't; implying that she gave him a blow job. Alli is pissed and breaks up with Drew, who tries to explain what happened. Alli goes into the hallway where Owen confronts her. Alli sort of tells Owen what happened, and he tells her that any guy is stupid to cheat on her and that guys would pay big bucks to hookup with her. Alli asks how much, and Owen tells her millions but he only has 50. Meanwhile, Drew is playing for chips with Adam, and sees Bianca sit down across from him. He starts talking really loudly about her, and calls her a slut. She says she's not a slut because he's the one who came to her in the first place. Back to Alli and Owen, Owen persuades Alli into going to the boiler room with him, and she does. While, there, he tries to fight her to make out with him, and she fights away, he tells her that that's what they do in the boiler room. At the dance, Drew learns that him and Alli are crowned King and Queen, but he doesn't know where she is. He learns from someone that she is in the boiler room with Owen, and he goes there just in time to make Owen back off of Alli, and asks if she's okay. She is okay but was scared by Owen and they continue to talk. Not knowing that the lockdown is going on, Drew and Adam's mom doesn't know where Drew is and asks Adam, Adam says the boiler room with Alli. She goes down think that Alli gave her son a blowjob. She makes them come upstairs and calls Alli a slut, and feels sorry for her son. The whole time, Alli and Drew try to explain to her that nothing was actually happening.

In Don't Let Me Get Me, Alli returns to school from break hoping to get a fresh start apart from Drew and Bianca. She thinks of joining the Science Olympics to do so when they are short one member. She ends up getting some shocking news from Adam that Drew spent all break crying over their breakup and she reconsiders giving him a second chance. Although Clare opposes of the second chance, Alli believes she should. After a talk with Mr. Simpson, he tells her that she has to go to a self-esteem seminar due to her actions at the Night in Vegas Dance. After telling Drew he's on "probation", she is shocked to find out that Drew doesn't have to attend the seminar due to the fact that it's an all-girls seminar. At a meeting of the Science Olympics, Connor and Wesley ask Alli if the rumors of Vegas Night are true and she seeks out to clear her name. At the seminar, Alli and Bianca go out on each other bashing one another. During a break, Alli takes Bianca's phone and sends a naked photo of Bianca to everyone in her contacts.

In part two, Alli learns that Connor got the picture of Bianca and Bianca comes into the class telling her someone's gonna get beat, referring to her. Bianca punches Alli and Alli throws Bianca into desks starting a brawl between the two. Mr. Simpson breaks it up and at a confrence with her parents, her dad learns that she sexted Johnny and she is pronounced suspended for the remainder of the day. Later that night, her mom demands to know what's written in her diary by telling her to open it. Alli confesses that she had sex with Johnny and thought she had an STI. Her mom claims she doesn't know her. After hearing her mom and dad talk and cry, she is devastated thinking her parents hate her. The next day at school, Holly J. tells Alli that it was Drew's fault as much as it was Bianca's and sets out to fix everything. At home, she is talking to her parents who say they won't stop loving her. She says that boys tempt her to make dumb mistakes and concludes that she should leave Degrassi to go to an all-girls school. At school, she tells Drew it's over and that she's leaving Degrassi. He tries to apologize but she doesn't budge. She truely believes this is the right thing to do. After saying goodbye to Clare, she leaves in tears.Alli is captain of the Degrassi Science Olympics but since she has left Degrassi it's currently unknown who their new captain will be.