It aired....

Canada: November 1st, 2009

U.S: November 20th, 2009


A Plot

Degrassi does a fantastic job of pacing the episode and the stages of the emotions Riley goes through. It’s amazing to watch him gradually become more nervous and aggressive, ending Part 1 after Riley punches Sam because he casually asks Riley if he’s gay (it’s revealed earlier in the episode that Sam is gay too). Another great element to this storyline is Peter’s presence as Riley’s supportive friend. It’s only appropriate that Peter be the first person Riley vocally admits he’s gay to. I noticed that Argiris Karras’acting is at its best whenever Riley is anxious or angry. Whenever he’s calm it feels like Argiris is forcing his lines, but he’s on the mark in Part 2 since Riley spends most of the episode frustrated. From contemplating “gay therapy” to the climactic confrontation with Sam, Riley’s emotional, self-hating attitude brings back that genuine feel to Degrassi…something that hasn’t been around much since Season 4.

B Plot

Hints are thrown left and right throughout this subplot that Jenna wants KC, and plans to steal him from Clare.

I love how Degrassi has been setting up this future love triangle without anything big actually happening yet. Its combination of subtle and not so subtle hints (ranging from Jenna’s comments about KC to the look of confusion/concern on Clare’s face) are making me excited for Heart Like Mine. Degrassi’s come such a long way to make KC/Clare’s relationship more entertaining, considering it seemed so juvenile in Season 8.

C Plot

I didn’t particularly like how the plot ended so happily with Sav at Anya’s “wedding,” given the fact they butted heads the entire time leading
up to that point. Either way, I’m just really hung up on how great this plot’s message is: just because you think something’s dumb it doesn’t make it any meaningless to someone else. Heck, we all have that “thing” we love that everyone else around us thinks is dumb: what a coincidence, mine happens to be Degrassi.