Born in 1992, is a newcomer at Degrassi Community School.

Fiona Coyne
"Haven't You Heard? I'm Crazy!"


Holly J, Anya


Riley, Bobby

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"here and comes your man part one


Annie Clark

Season 9 SummaryEdit

In "Just Can't Get Enough, Part 1", she first appears as Declan takes her hand while she exits her limo. Chantay Black shows her and Declan around Degrassi. They meet Peter Stone and Mia Jones and invite them to her parents' posh diplomat party. When Declan sets Peter up for humiliation she playfully shakes her head in disbelief because she knows what's up Declan's sleeve. When Peter is feeling insecure she comforts him. She chastises Victoria for giving Peter meth. Fiona tells Mia.

In "Shoot to Thrill", Fiona is constantly getting boy attention that she does not enjoy, especially from Bruce the Moose and his friends. At Fashion Club, Dave is constantly flirting with her with cheesy and immature pick up lines and in order for him to stop, Fiona lies and tells him that she's dating Riley. When Riley hears the rumor, he asks her out. On their date, Riley's "friend" that appeared in Season 8 comes back asking for information on Riley. Riley gets mad and he leaves with Fiona pretending he does not know who he is. Fiona initiates a relationship even though she has suspicions regarding his sexual orientation.

In "Beat It (1)", Riley gets a boner in Life Guard class looking at the teacher doing fake CPR. He tells Fints who saw his boner, that he was thinking of his girlfriend Fiona. Riley attempts to sleep with Fiona so everyone wouldn't think he was gay. When he invites her to his house he begins making out with her but she quickly pushes him off of her, telling him that she will not sleep with him and that it's the beginning of their relationship. She makes a remark about him being gay and that she isn't a deprogrammer. He loses his temper at her and kicks her out of the house.

In Beat It (2) Fiona confronts Riley the next day at school telling him that there's something wrong with him. She states that instead of being 'gay' he bashes gay people. Fiona breaks up with him because she doesn't to be friends or girlfriend's with someone who is afraid of who they are. The next day Riley confronts her and tells her that he is being de-gayed. Fiona tells him that he is really pushing it, and that she doesn't understand why he can't accept being a gay person. She tells him that there is no way to cure "gayness". When, she is halfway down the hallway Riley yells to her, "Well you can't cure BITCH!!!!". That pushed Fiona over the edge. She then furiously tells Riley to never talk to her again.

In Waiting For A Girl Like You Declan texts her because of an emergency. She finds him sitting in front of a computer desperate for information about Holly J. She gives him the information he needs. Declan later informs Holly J that Fiona bribed all her friends for information on her.

In Heart Like Mine Part 2, Fiona is mad at her brother Declan for being "Mr. Highschool", she tells him that she wants to be a part of Degrassi in some way. Nervously, Declan tells Fiona he'll get her an audition for the school play. Fiona is happy. When, she goes to sing Anya, Sav, and Declan all think that she has horrible singing. They tell her that she is good but not good enough for the play. Fiona is upset and goes to the Zen Garden. Declan tries to cheer her up but she tells him to leave her alone. Declan goes to Anya and pleads her to give Fiona a part in the play. Anya confronts Fiona and Anya tells her that she could be the play's 'Fashion Designer'. Fiona is very happy that she recieved a part in the play production.

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In "Start Me Up", Fiona is with her cousin, Victoria, walking by the Dot when they see Peter. Peter tells them about the club "Above The Dot". Fiona tells him that it sounds cool. Victoria tells him that she'll love to go. Peter tells her that people with drugs can't go. Fiona tells Peter that Vicki has been clean for a few months and that she has a badge to prove it. But, Fiona didn't know that Vicki still took crystal meth and that she was hiding it from her.

In Keep On Loving You, at play practice Fiona comes to see Declan. Declan tells her that he is nervous to tell her since last time. Fiona tells him that he's a silly boy. The next day, Holly J. sees Fiona in the school library and tells her that Declan gave her the bracelet and she wants to give it back because she told him she loves him and he didn't say it in return. Fiona laughs and tells her that it's her and his grandmother's bracelet and Declan only gives it to the people he truly loves. Holly J. asks why he couldn't say it then. Fiona tells her that Declan had a true love and he told her that he loved her and she cheated on him, he doesn't want that to happen again. Holly J. anxious grabs the bracelet and goes to find Declan. When, she finds Declan they talk and make up.

Later on, after finding out that she and her brother are going to move back to Manhattan an exiceted Fiona tells Declan, Declan is upset and doesn't know how he's going to be able to tell it to Holly J. Later that day Holly J. sees Fiona's facerange status and realizes what is going on. The morning of the play Declan and his mom are talking and Declan tells her that he loves the school and doesn't want to leave it. Holly J. over hears this while walking in. Crushed she asks Declan's mom if she can visit. Mrs. Coyne reluctantly says she can visit all the time. Before, directing the play Declan hacks Holly J.'s email account and emails a Manhattan internship Holly J.'s mentorship video. They like it and text Holly J. about an internship in Manhattan over the summer. She is excited and even more so when she finds out Declan is responsible for this.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Holly J is excited to be off to another summer vacation. But, this time with her boyfriend Declan. After, school is finally let out, Declan invites everyone over to his house for a pool party. Spinner attends, and while Holly J and Jane are changing he overhears them talking about how breaking off the affair with Declan helped her because Declan is her love. After, walking out Spinner goes insane and breaks up with Spinner, tells Holly J to shut up and punches Declan. While, trying to cheer Jane up Holly J also needs to help Declan out too. Seeing Jane so glum, Holly J asks her to go to Manhattan with them for the summer. Jane says yes. The next day they're off and they go to Manhattan. When they get there Holly J is surprised on how big their Manhattan home is. After, they leave Fiona off at the house, because she's tired and doesn't want to move, and they go site seeing and shopping. That night Declan and Holly J have reservations for a restraunt and Fiona seems to be a little jealous.

The next day, Holly J is walking in the city to go to her TVM internship, and she walks into Jay Manuel who gives her good advice. After, she goes in to see that her boss, Jessi, is kinda mean and bitchy. She decides to make the most, of it and introduces herself to her, she gets a clever nickname, Innitial because Jessi likes the J in Holly J. She also is given a banana each day because Jessi loves potacieum. A few moments later, Holly J learns that Declan and Fiona are the city's power siblings after Fiona stops by at TVM to say hi, and get an internship too. The next day, after finding out that Jane has become the lead singer of the hit band, Flashin' Midnight, Holly J is asked to do research and stay late at TVM. She does so and ends up not going to the opera with Declan. To only find out that he went with Fiona. The next, day at work, Holly J is talking to Fiona and then Fiona gets mad and tells her that this is her city and she owns this, and she put up with her at Degrassi for too long. They get into a little tiff, and while walking in the hallway, Holly J tells Fiona to look over there, and then she looks Fi in the copy room. She then walks down the hallway and says "This is New York-Holly J, bitch!"

That day, while after interviewing Jane on the show, Holly J notices that Fiona is all distraught and managed to get out of the copy room. But, then she sees her on the phone and next thing you know, Declan is there. Holly J tries to tell Declan that Fiona started it, but Declan didn't understand why Holly J did that to his sister. Walking away, Fiona gives Holly J a mysterious glare. Later on, Declan sits them both down and tells them that they need to make up because he wants to spend the whole summer with the both of them. They sort of make ammends, and Fiona hugs Holly J. Fiona then suggests that they have a party so Holly J can meet some of their New York friends. So they do so, that night Holly J comes down the stairs in a stunning dress, and is ready to party. But, Fiona then introduces her to Declan's past girlfriends, and they tell Holly J that Fiona likes Declan single, and that their relationship wont be much longer. Holly J is upset, but Declan proves to her that he is in love with her by making out. Fiona is jealous again, and drinks to get drunk. While, drunk she makes a scene and Holly J is pissed and tells them that her jealousy is quite innapropriate, Fiona tells her wanna know innapropriate, and kisses her brother Declan. Everyone is shocked, and Fiona faints, Holly J is pissed and she is tired of coming second to Fiona, so her and Jane stomp out, and Fiona gives Holly J another mysterious glare.

The next day, Declan tells Fiona that there is something wrong with her and that she is so jealous to a point it's weird. She then breaks down telling Declan that he is so inconsiderate, but then he tells her that he can't have the summer with her being jealous of Holly J and him, so he tells her that she's going to the Hamptons with their parents. Fiona then tells Declan that she hates him. Declan apologizes to Holly J, by going live on air at TVM while Holly J is listening, and then Holly J turns around to find Declan, asking for another chance. Holly J says yes and their love is restored. Jane then finds them and tells them that Spinner is getting married to Emma, and that she wants to get there before it's too late, and that he's making a big mistake. Holly J and Declan are up to take Jane there, and they zoom there as fast as they can, leaving Manhattan for now. While, stopping for gas, Declan and Holly J feel this is too crazy, so they stall. While, playing baseball, Jane is frantic, so she takes the car and leaves Declan and Holly J behind. Holly J and Declan are upset, but end up taking a ferry to get to Toronto. Emma is actually to see them and invites them to come to their wedding party. They party it up and go back to Manhattan. Fiona is just leaving Manhattan to go to the Hamptons with her mom.

Season 10 SummaryEdit

Fiona will return as a main character this season, first at Vander Bilt Prep, but then back to Degrassi.

In What A Girl Wants Part 1, Fiona arrives to her Manhattan house from the Hamptons perfectly normal, and with a new boyfriend, Bobby. Even Declan aproves of him, this is Fiona's real first boyfriend. She even apologized to Holly J, and wants to be good friends. Sooner or later, Holly J leaves and Fiona and Declan are going back to Vander Bilt Prep. Walking through the halls Fiona complains to Bobby that the uniforms are blah, and Bobby tells her that he got her permission to design her own style of uniforms for the private school. Fiona is excited and they sort of kiss in the hallway. After, school Fiona and Bobby go back to Fiona's house and Fiona starts designing her first few ideas. Bobby wants to kiss and just hang out instead, when Fiona gets up, Bobby asks where she's going and grabs her arm really hard, Fiona yelps in pain, and Bobby tells her he's sorry. Fiona and Bobby then just hang out, and she tells him to be careful when he goes out with the boys and Declan. In the meantime Declan tells Fiona he can trust Bobby because he is a family friend's son, and that he's happy for her. The next day Fiona has Bobby over again and she shows him the ideas she's working on, and he doesn't seem to care as much. He pushed her on the couch and he begins trying to kiss her. Fiona tries to get up and he slaps her, she slaps him harder, and he slaps her even harder, leaving a bruise by her eye. The next few days at a party, Bobby and his family is there and he wants to see Fiona, meanwhile, she's taking her time putting skin coloured make up on her eye.

In What A Girl Wants Part 2, Fiona is happy that her first designs of the uniforms are finished. Bobby gives her the idea to show them, after telling her he's sorry for hitting her. Fiona shows the designs and Tinsley's father stands up and objects. But, Bobby proves him wrong. Later that night when almost everyone has left, Fiona, Declan, and their parents were making an orange juice toast, Fiona goes to get more OJ and sees Bobby making out with Tinsley in her own house. She is pissed. The next day she doesn't go to school because she is "sick", Bobby visits her and she tells him that she saw him and Tinsley, he tells her that she was all over him, and he wasn't into her, Fiona kicks him out. Later that day, Fiona's mom makes plans for them to go to the Beckinridge's for dinner, Fiona tells her that she's still sick, Mrs. Coyne is upset but listens to Fiona, and gives her a gift that Bobby left for her, which is a snowglobe from Aspin, where they all went on a family-friend vacation over 7 years ago. Declan comes and tries to make Fiona go with them, but Fiona tells him that she's sick and doesn't want to go, he is pissed and leaves, she is pissed and throws the Aspin Snowglobe against the wall. She video chats Holly J and tells her what's wrong, but gets interupted by Anya. The next day at school, Fiona isn't ready to be lovey dovey with Bobby again, he tells her not to be mad because Tinsley was a one time thing, Fiona is mad because he lied, then his phone rings and she grabs it, and it's Tinsley saying "i can't wait for tonight". Meaning he's cheating again, Fiona runs off and he follows she starts to walk up the stairs and he follows. She starts to yell at him, and he pushes her down the stairs. After, tumbling, Fiona is hurt and scared, she tells Bobby she's done and she wants to breakup. Bobby tells her no she doesn't.

In Breakaway Part 1, Fiona is tired of Bobby, and his hurting ways. She decides the only place to hide from him is the roof of Vander Bilt Prep. Declan learns that she is on the roof from Tinsley, and calls her. Fiona tells him that she's scared, and he tells her to get down from the roof. She does so and goes home. She takes of the makeup covering her black eye and darkens it with eye shadow. She then puts the pics on twitter, and goes to school. Declan and Bobby see them, and Declan tells him to stop being aggresive towards his sister, but Bobby tells Declan that Fiona is a nutcase. Fiona arrives at school, Declan is confused when he doesn't see her black eye. She tells him that she darkened it a bit but it was true, Declan doesn't believe her anymore. Later on, Holly J gets a call from Declan, and they talk about Fiona, Holly J tells Declan to trust Fiona and be there for her. Declan listens to Holly J and confronts Fiona at home. Fiona shows him bruises on her legs from Bobby, Declan tells her that he believes her because he is her sister, and Holly J told him to. Fiona says she misses Holly J, and after Declan leaves, Fiona calls to make plane reservations. Later that day, Holly J is surprise to see Fiona at Degrassi, they go to the Dot and talk. Fiona tells her that she just missed Toronto and everyone. They go back to Degrasi for the election, and Fiona ignores her phone whne her mom calls. Her mom then comes to Degrassi, and says she knew she was there. Fiona is forced to go to the Dot with her mom, and tell her all that has happened. Fiona tells her all about Bobby, and that she didn't want to tell her because she thinks she's a drama queen, Mrs. Coyne told her she wont let the bastard, get away with it even if they're friends with his parents, she tells Fiona she's going to call a lawyer and sue him, but Fiona doesn't want to go back to Manhattan.

In Breakaway Part 2, Fiona pleads her mom at the Dot, to let her stay in Toronto instead of going to a boarding school in Vermont. Mrs. Coyne ends up caving in and letting her stay on one condition, she works hard, and has a gaurdian to look over her. Fiona agreeds. She also says that the only reason this is happening is because of Bobby, he ruined everything. The next day, Fiona comes back to Degrassi to hang out, and tells HJ that she's getting a condo, a few blocks away. Fiona is on a ordering catalogue website, and buys a drawer/desk for her plasma screen tv. Holly J is amazed how she can just spend $4000 like that, Fiona just shrugs her shoulders like it's now big deal. Fiona then makes a new password before ordering and lets Holly J see it, she feels since they're friends they can trust each other. The next day at school Fiona doesn't really notice anything, and she tells HJ that she's enrolling at Degrassi tomorrow, and that she wants to have lunch at the Dot. At lunch, Fiona is on her laptop and notices that there was a directly sent email for $2000, on an SAT tutor, she asks Holly J how much the tutor was, and then realizes Holly J went on as her and stole money. Fiona is upset and doesn't understand why she is being used since she came back to Toronto because Holly J is her only friend. The next day Fiona is back at Degrassi, and Holly J meets her at her locker, she apologizes and says that she would never do a thing like that again, and they're both lacking in the area of friendship. Fiona turns around and tells her that the only way she will forgive her is to be her best friend, and give her 200 hours of every moment together, like sleepovers and classes. Holly J, says yes, and they walk down the hallway holding hands.

In 99 Problems Part 1, without having any lines, Riley points out Fiona to Drew in class telling him that she's one of the hottest girls at the school, and he used to date her.

In I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself Part 1, Fiona's mom is nervous about letting her be by herself alone in her own condo. Fiona tells her she needs time alone, and that she already forgets about Bobby. Fiona also learns before her mom leaves that she'll have to still see her therapist, to discuss her problems, even though she's over the Bobby incident. The next day at school Fiona asks Holly J to come over for a spa day and relaxation day at her house. Holly J tells her she can't come because she is busy with SAT prep, and student council work until Tuesday. Fiona upset talks to her therapist about being lonely at her new apartment, and that she built her life around her and Holly J's friendship, and Holly J barely has time for her. Her therapist tells her that they'll finish discussing her lonleyness the next time, despite Fiona's pleads of her not leaving. Later that day, Fiona decides to go shopping through town. Buying designer sunglasses, she asks a random pedestrian if they look cute, they don't answer. Feeling upset, Fiona throughs them away and passes an exotic pet store. She stares at a pig in the store, amazingly.

In I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself Part 2, the next day at school, Fiona seems to not pay attention as much because her main focus is on her new pet pig in which she brought to school in her handbag. Holly J turns around and notices the pig in the bag, Fiona tells her that her name is Porcalina, and that she's her new pet. Holly J finds her cute, but Mr. Perino doesn't. He tells Fiona that she shouldn't bring the pig back to school, unless she wants bacon. At home Fiona is bored, and starts to dress Porcelina up in designer "pet" clothes. But, Porcelina justs runs off, when Fiona goes to get her, she steps in a "surprise" left by the pig. Fiona's neat afternoon turns into a messy disaster, especially when Holly J comes by. When Holly J stops by she notices that the condo is cluttered and everything is a mess. Holly J stays there with Fiona and tells her that she actually wants to be her friend no matter what the agreement was, Holly J stays and helps with the mess Porcalina made.

In Try Honesty Part 1, At school, Holly J is doing math with Fiona, and they talk, Fiona wants Holly J to go shopping with her after school, but Holly J tells her she has a job interview. She goes to the job interview after school, it's at a country hillbilly restraunt bar place. After learning that the boss's wife may be her future, she goes shopping with Fiona, and leaves the interview early, she uses her emergency credit card to shop. When they get back, Holly J goes on Declan's FaceRange page and sees the slut Tinsley all over Declan in pictures, Holly J worries. Later on, Fiona pretends to meet HJ at the Dot, but fools her, and she sees Declan there. Also, in this episode she explains to HJ how Tinsley is the slut, and Declan probably wont cheat on her.

In Try Honesty Part 2, Holly J and Declan sit at the Dot and talk. Declan tells her how he didn't want her to go to Manhattan on the trip because he and Fiona planned for him to come visit. At school, Holly J and Fiona talk about how the whole thing was a big misunderstanding, and how Declan is back and everything is okay. Chantay tells HJ that her and Declan are too obsessed with each other, but Holly J and Fiona snap back at her and tell her that she doesn't have a lover so she shouldn't be talking. Later on, Holly J re-applies for the job, and she sees Fiona. Fiona wants to be her first customer, and she tells Holly J that she'll always be her friend, but Declan was very upset. Fiona orders all the specials, and makes Holly J smile.

In You Don't Know My Name Part 1, Holly J walks up in school thanks to Fiona. She's stressed because of her recent breakup with Declan and has a big wart on her face. Fiona gives her a Xeno HotSpot, to help the wart go away. Fiona tells her, that her and Declan will be okay when they reunite for Yale, but Holly J isn't sure if she wants to get back with him. Later after making the phone calls for the supplies, Holly J and Fiona are walking in the halls. Sav catches up with them, and hears them still talking about Declan, and her wart. Sav tells her that he thinks her wart is kinda cute, and Holly J blushes. He walks away and Fiona tells Holly J that her and Sav would be a cute couple, but Holly J doesn't think so.

In You Don't Know My Name Part 2, Sav likes Holly J…but she doesn’t like him. Or at least that’s what she tells Fiona (as she also tries to convince herself). But she can’t deny that she likes him, while at the same time she’s not over Declan. Rebound much? And Fiona’s there to constantly remind her of that. Now Sav and Holly J come to the conclusion that they can be together no strings attached. I like that they’re not taking things seriously, and that Holly J even states that their fling could randomly end at anytime. Even better is that while Sally J is a go, it’s not going to be easy; they’re going to be forced to keep their secret from Anya, who will flip out if she finds out about them.

In Purple Pills Part 1, Fiona and Holly J go shopping, and when going back to Fiona's house, Fiona learns from her mom and her old lawyer, that they will be bringing Bobby Beckonridge to court. Fiona starts to panic, and doesn't want to even see him again. The next day Fiona sees Bobby's dvd with his side of the story, and plays it against her mother's wishes. She sees in the video that Bobby is lying and her nerves are shot. The next morning before school, her therapist is there recording all of her problems because she has so many. Her therapist gives her a prescription to pills, for when she is having anxiety, she can take them. She ignores the prescription and throughs it in an area, and then while home alone, fills her water bottle with champagne, and starts to drink. Going to school a bit buzzed, Fiona, Holly J, and Sav discuss the dance, and Fiona comes up with the idea of Night in Vegas. After, Holly J finds Fiona's prescription and tells her that she really should fill it out. Also, Holly J asks for Fiona to fill for her at the PTA Meeting for the dance, since she has work. But, Fiona ignores Holly J's prescription advice and continues to self medicate herself, and drink. The next day, Fiona has to be interviewed for her side of the Bobby story, and is drunk. She is nervous to answer, and gets up to "pee", and stumbles and breaks a lamp, she claims she needs some rest. At the PTA meeting, Fiona comes prepared, but drunk. She is all over the place and embarasses Mr. Simpson when she takes off her coat, to see a slutty dress. Luckily, Holly J comes just in time to convince Mr. Simpson, and the PTA to let them do the dance. But there's still one problem, Holly J learns that Fiona is self medicating herself, more than she should, and she needs help.

In Purple Pills Part 2, Fiona is up early in the morning before school, and is already pouring champagne into her water bottle. Her mom comes in and starts to tell her that they're going to have a makeup interview, and this time with Bobby's lawyer as well, not noticing Fiona is putting the champagne bottle back into the fridge, and switching it for yogurt. Stressed out after her mom leaves the room Fiona starts to drink. Missing school to have the interview, Fiona sits down with her and Bobby's lawyer. She is tipsy and is very nervous. Still pressured to answer more questions. She tells them that she's parched and asks to go get a drink. She gets her champagne bottle and drinks it. She goes back to answer more questions. She then decides to not answer them and call Bobby's agressive lawyer a bitch. She goes into the kitchen to drink more and her mom follows. Her mom grabs the water bottle and smells it, and learns its champagne, she is extremely mad and realizes that Fiona is self medicating herself. Fiona gets pissed and leaves. She goes to school drunk, and is sitting with Holly J. Fiona wants to focus on studying for the exams, but Holly J doesn't understand why she needs to be drunk in the afternoon, then Fiona's mom comes in and takes Fiona to the parking lot of Degrassi. Mrs. Coyne tells Fiona she needs to be more serious about this case than to drink herself drunk. Fiona lies to her that this is fine and that she was lying about the whole thing and that Bobby didn't even touch her. Her mom asks her why she'd do something like that and Fiona clames it's because she's crazy. Later after her mom leaves Fiona goes to her locker and starts to drink her self to complete drunkness. She goes to do her exams but sees them all blotchy, she then hands in the exams unfinished and early, and goes to the back and passes out. Holly J tries to help her and brings her home, she gives Fiona the right prescription drugs and tells her that she fished them out of the garbage and got her mom to sign them. Fiona rewatches the Bobby video thanks to HJ and realizes that she has to fight back. Later, she is interviewed again and with the help of her mom and Holly J, she stays strong and fights to prove non-guilty.

In All Falls Down Part 1, Fiona confronts Holly J who is getting all the props ready for the play, Holly J tells Fiona how she's surprised that she doesn't have champagne eyes. Fiona then tells Holly J that she took her advice, and that her stress pills are in her bag for when she needs them, and that she is ready to fly back to NYC in a little bit and face Bobby in court, she asks Holly J for a goodbye hug. Holly J hugs her and tells her how she's upset that she wont be able to go to the dance, Fiona tells her that she doesn't need to have all the fun and excitment and that she can hold off. Holly J tells Fiona she'll miss her and Fiona does the same, before leaving Fiona gives Holly J a "present" which is really her slutty party dress in a shopping bag. Fiona tells her that she can feel free to wear it, and Holly J tells her that she probably won't.Fiona also laughs and tells her that she pretty much knows about her and Sav. Holly J tells her that she's wrong, and that they're just close friends running the dance. Fiona rolls her eyes. They laugh and hug again. Fiona then leaves.

In Love Lockdown Part 1, Declan and Fiona are walking to Degrassi. Declan discusses with Fiona that he feels it's important to come back even though it's just a small award. But, he really has intentions to see Holly J again. When walking into the school, they see Holly J who's wearing her uniform and is editing the sign outside of the school. Holly J is surprised to see Declan there, she is very shocked. Declan then asks Holly J to lunch as "friends", and to catch up on things, Holly J says yes. At the theater awards, Holly J, Sav, Declan, and Fiona sit together. They all get along and Declan wins the award for the play from last year, and he directed well. He invited everyone up who helped and mainly dedicated the award to Holly J who really helped. During the picture he puts his arm around Holly J, this makes Sav really nervous. Afterward, Declan has a party at Fiona's apartment and everyone is there having a good time. After seeing Holly J and Sav spending too much time together Declan tells Sav he wants to show him his DJ music thing, which really sparks interest in Sav. After a while, Declan gets Holly J by themselves and expresses his love to her. Holly J tells him that she can't start this again, because she likes Sav, and she can't go through this. This makes Declan really upset. Holly J and Sav spend the rest of the party all googly-poo over each other. Declan expresses his feelings to Fiona who's a little bit too drunk. Fiona then tells Declan that she might barf, and that she needs help. They got Holly J help to, and bring Fiona to her bed. Sav leaves and him and Holly J say goodbye. Holly J stays to help Fiona. Finally when Fiona is finally in bed Holly J and Declan start talking.

In Love Lockdown Part 2, At school, Fiona excitedly asks Holly J. about what happened last night between her Declan. Holly J. confesses that she felt pressured into having sex with Declan and regrets last night. While at work, Declan visits Holly J., who heard from Fiona that she actually didn't want to have sex with him the previous night. Holly J. tells Declan that she is confused about the whole situation and tells him to leave. The next day, Holly J. is confronted by Sav, who is worried about her. She assures Sav that she is fine and that she will see him in Physics. After he leaves, she checks the Yale website and discovers she had been accepted. Meeting Fiona, Holly J. asks where Declan is and is surprised when Fiona says he is leaving to go back to New York

In Umbrella Part 1, Drew and Adam are working on the food drive at Degrassi when Fiona enters, looking for a teacher. Drew convinces her to help out with the drive to fulfill her community service hours that are required (convincing her by saying that in doing something else, she may have to wear a hair net or change an old man's diaper). Drew spends the episode trying to win over Fiona's affection only to be shut down every time. In the meantime, Adam learns more about Fiona and how her relationship with her "New York Prince" didn't work out because he was charming on the outside, but not on the inside. Fiona tells Adam that she hates when guys pretend to be someone they're not. Adam tells Drew that he will help him win over Fiona, he just has to aim lower in the meantime. The episode ends with Adam convincing Fiona that Drew is a nice guy, he's just nervous around her. Fiona appears to be giving Drew another chance, and tells Adam that she's not looking for anything serious or physical. Adam seems excited when she confirms that she doesn't want anything sexual. Adam stares off into space very casually, but in a mysterious way after Fiona's taxi drives off.

In Umbrella Part 2, Drew is seen walking up to Adam and asked him if he will do the announcments for the food drive. Drew says he's done it for the past two days so Adam owes him. Adam tells him that he owes him for getting Drew a second chance with Fiona. Drew says he had a nice chat with Fiona, and Drew claims he'll do the announcments and leaves Adam with a pat on the shoulder. Later while Adam is working at the food drive, Fiona winks at Adam and begins flirting with Drew. Adam is next seen in the gym with Drew, when Drew starts talking about where to take her on a date, Adam gets mad and yells, "You're not going there so put a sock in it." Drew asks Adam if he's jealous he tells Drew that she doesn't want anything physical. Drew replies with "So?" and Adam says, "So maybe I should go out with her." They begin an arguement about why Fiona wouldn't date him, and Drew claims it's becausly she wouldn't want someone who isn't a guy physically. Adam grabs his backpack and leaves Drew in the gym. Fiona later follows Drew out of the school and tells him that they snuck some from the food drive. Adam tells Fiona she didn't want her to flirt with him, and soon walks away from Fiona, after their short talk, leaving her confused about why he's being strange. Drew is next seen talking with Fiona at The Dot and she asks him, "What is your brothers malfunction." Drew seems like he's going to tell her, but then stops and tells her Adam's the best brother. Fiona thinks it's strange that the big secret is he's super nice, but agrees that Adam's not like most guys. Later Drew tells Adam that Fiona for some reason likes him, so if he likes her, he should go for it. Drew tells Adam that he didn't tell her about his real gender because she doesn't want anything physical, they make up and Adam says make a good team.

In Halo Part 1, Adam surprises Eli and Clare in the hallway from the back. The three discuss about Adam's situation and her attraction towards Fiona. Later in the class Adam meets up with Fiona who seems to complain about not wanting to go to the dance because she can't seem buy this new dress. Fiona talks about how her New parties were the best compare to parties thrown by the school. Eli and Clare takes Adam to a secret place of worship. They found during their urban adventures. Adam complements them and think this is a perfect place for a party. Eli jokes about having sex with Clare, and later reveals they kissed during their picnic. Adam wants to throw an anti-crackdown to party and they can bring their crush. Clare asks why he wants to throw a party. He reveals Fiona misses parties back at New York and that he wants to impress Fiona with one.

InHalo (2) Adam, Clare and Eli are setting up the abandoned church grounds for the party. After a comment about their new "party pad" Eli jokes about Adam making him look bad in front of Clare. Eli then runs off to fetch an extention chord. Eli is next seen at the party with the others; they are amazed by the great turnout. Eli asks Adam when Fiona will arrive. Adam, says he's sure she will be there any minute but shows concern. Later that evening Clare and Eli are cuddled in a hammock. Looking up at the stars, Eli asks her if she made a wish yet. She states, if she told him it wouldn't come true. Eli then replies saying: "Would it be cheesy if I said mine already has?" They share a moment but both wonder if Adam's okay.