It aired....

Canada: November 15th, 2009

U.S: April 9th, 2010


A Plot

Everyone knew that KC and Clare would break up in this episode, leaving the door open for KC and Jenna to get together. Now Clare has always been labeled as a *stiff* girl who needs to lighten up, but her attitude in this episode was completely justified given the fact Jenna’s been trying to get with KC since day one.

Then once KC and Jenna got together at the sports banquet, it felt anticlimactic. Even when the two were making out in Coach’s hotel room I wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it’s because I’m not totally convinced we’ve seen the last of the KC/Clare relationship.

And speaking of Coach, his level of creepiness was steady throughout the episode, but at the same time it wasn’t as high as I expected it to be. His actions (getting KC drunk and watching porn with him, showing KC his gun, and hiring a hooker for KC) made him look more like a perverted loser than anything. I get that the point of the plot was that Coach Carson is an adult KC could FINALLY say he had a bond with, and then Coach would break that trust with his irresponsibility…but maybe I was looking for an awkwardness within the relationship that would make KC afraid of Coach instead of being disgusted and angry with him.

B Plot

Marco returns to Degrassi, but this time he’s a student teacher. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Marco, and while it’s good to see him get a storyline that DOESN’T involve his sexuality or him whining in general, it was still mediocre at best.

Basically he learns that he needs to be the students’ teacher and not their friend when Holly J tries to get him to give her and Declan extensions for their paper. As much as I’m loving Holly J these days, isn’t she kind of OOC in this plot? She’s the studious, organized, intelligent girl in charge of everything and she’s suddenly trying to slack off on work?

Yawn. Apparently Adamo Ruggiero is trying to land himself a future gig if what he’s doing right now (wearing fancy hats and eating cheetos with Lauren Collins) doesn’t work out and there’s a Degrassi The Next NEXT Generation.