Mark "Fitz" Figerald
"Fitzy needs a date."


Bianca, Owen, Adam (almost)


Clare (date to dance)

First Appearance

"Shoot To Thrill"


James Edward-Campbell


Fitz was born in 1992 and is an 11th grader at Degrassi.

Season 9 SummaryEdit

In Shoot To Thrill, Fitz and Bruce are seen flirting with Fiona telling her that she is very pretty and sexy. Also, at one moment Fitz tells her that she is smoking hot, he was just making a bunch of crude comments about the way Fiona looks. Fiona thinks that Fitz and Bruce are weird and nasty. She didn't like that they were making crude comments about her. He is also seen accompanying Bruce and Johnny throughout the episode. Fitz makes fun of Johnny when Alli sits on his lap at lunch and feeds him. Fitz and Bruce are also seen stealing a sign in the alleyway.

In Beat It Part
, Fitz is taking a lifeguard training course at Degrassi along with Riley, Chantay, and Blue. When, watching the lifeguard Sam practicing CPR on a dummy, Fitz notices Riley has a boner. Fitz announces it to the class and starts to make fun of Riley. The next day before school starts Fitz is teasing Riley about it and making Riley angry in front of Fiona. Riley gets all defensive and quickly lies and says he was thinking about his girlfriend when he was really thinking about Sam. Fitz is also seen in swimming class changing, and swimming throughout the episode.

In Beat It Part 2, Fitz is at the Degrassi Carnival with a few friends including Chantay, Blue, and a girl named Nicole. While eating popcorn and hanging with Larissa and Nicole, Fitz walks into the school to witness Riley punch Sam the life guard in the face. Fitz is also seen swimming and changing in swim class throughout the episode as well.

Season 10 SummaryEdit

In What A Girl Wants Part 2, Fitz is back at Degrassi, and is hanging with Bianca. He is seen at lunch making fun of Dave Turner, with the looser list.

In "Better Off Alone (2) ", K.C. wakes up in Bianca's car after a night of drinking, and Bianca and an equally hungover Fitz inform K.C. he had told Bianca about his mom and his old coach in his drunkenness. K.C. leaves to get told off by Jenna, and Bianca clumsily climbs out of the car with Fitz.

In Try Honesty Part 1, Eli tries to park his hearse, Morty, and when he gets out Fitz is in the way, Fitz then takes the skull off Eli's car, and chucks it through the fence Eli is pissed. Adam stares sternly at Fitz, and Fitz tells him what he's looking at, and Adam replies not sure. During school Eli tells Clare the dilemma, and she is worried. While, walking in the hallway to class they see Adam get pushed into a locker by Fitz. Eli and Clare break it up, then the three of them try to come up with a plan to stop him, after he leaves, but Clare thinks if Eli'd just ignore him things would be better. The next morning, Eli and Clare are walking into school, and Eli goes up to Fitz, and asks for an apology, and they can go back to ignoring and hating each other like they usually do. Fitz says he's sorry and then kicks Eli in his area. Clare tries to help Eli while he's on the ground in pain, and Fitz just laughs. Later on, Eli tells Adam what Fitz did while they're at the Dot, they then confront Fitz and his group and offer to make him a fake ID after Eli shows him his, and if they make him one they leave him alone. Fitz agrees to it, they make a deal. While at school Eli and Adam make Fitz a fake ID, but they make his name the one of the most wanted criminals in the area.

In Try Honesty (2) When Eli gets to school, he hands Fitz his fake ID.Fitz and his friends walk away. Adam asks"What do we do until then?" Eli replies,"Ah grasshopper, there are ways to expedite the process" Later on, Fitz comes up to him to give him a nudge on the shoulder, and says "Hey Buddy". When Clare notices, she questions Eli if his mission is complete. Eli tells her that he just started his mission, and he has more to it. Clare seems worried and tells Adam that if Eli does anything bad, someone should be there for him. Adam adds "Maybe you should stay out of this." After school, when Fitz walks out of the store, Eli makes a phone call to 911 and tells them to "come quick. There is a fight." Eli walks up to Fitz says "Aye moron, the ID worked, eh? Those things will kill ya." This results with Fitz responding, "What the hell do you want?" Eli pushes Fitz and Fitz grabs Eli by his shirt and throws him into an alley. Fitz keeps punching and kicking him while Eli seems to not be in pain and saying "You punch like my grandma!" Soon the Police comes in and breaks up the fight even when Fitz tries to run away. Eli and Fitz get pushed against a wall, Fitz says "Sucks to be you," and Eli replies "Why is that?" Fitz says "For the fake ID, they won't even know who I am." Eli says "I guess it's your lucky day." The Police comes back saying Fitz has to go to the state police and Eli is good to go. As Fitz leaves in the squad car, Eli just gives him a blank facial expression. At school once again, Clare is worried and asks where Eli has been all afternoon. Eli responds saying,"conflict resolution." Clare says it's surprising, so much with no violence, but Eli says calm down because no one got hurt. Clare notices the cut on Eli's lip and asks what happened. Eli explains what happened and she says, You got him arrested?. Clare walks away and adds that she was about to go to Mr. Simpson about Eli's mental issues. Eli stops her and says to at least give him some credit. When they discuss about what will happen due to the fake ID, Fitz walks in saying, "Good one Eli, you got me." Then Eli says, "You know that ID was for novelty purposes only right?" But Fitz says he'll have to just tell that to the judge. Eli says he has learned his lesson, but Fitz calmly says "I guess I'm a slow learner," as he shoulders him. Then Eli says, "I'm in his head, right where I want to be."

In My Body Is A Cage Part 1, Fitz is seen walking down the hall with Owen where they run into Clare and Adam. Adam had just bumped into Clare, dropping his tampons all over the floor. Owen and Fitz tease Adam, but Adam shoves the tampons at Clare and Clare covers for him. They then walk away. Later, Owen and Fitz corner Adam in the washroom. They tell him they heard something from B (meaning Bianca) and attempt to force him to urinate in the urinal like a male. When Adam refuses, they realize what's going on and comment, "You really are a chick!" Owen then picks him up, carries him out of the washroom and throws him against the door. After Drew, Adam's step-brother, realizes what Fitz and Owen did to him, he goes outside looking for Fitz and Owen while Adam follows, trying to stop him. Drew says, "I heard you were messing with my brother," to which Fitz replies, "Last time we checked you had a sister." Drew then proceeds to push Fitz and the two fight. Owen holds back Adam while Fitz beats up Drew.

In Purple Pills Part 1, Adam makes plans with Eli at the Dot, to hangout after school. He tells Elit that he ordered a pay per view movie, and Eli jokes around saying he doesn't want to watch that kind of stuff, but Adam tells him he's gross and that it's a movie on kung-fu. Fitz comes in and starts to bust them, but Eli tells him to get lost. After Eli, tells him that he can't because he has to stay home and study. Adam is upset because he was hoping to do something, but just ignores it. After, school he goes back to the Dot and sees Eli and Clare on having a study hangout. Eli is embarrassed and he explains everything. Adam is pissed off, and tries to ignore him. Eli and Clare then offer for him to tag along, but Adam tells them he wont because he's not going to be a third wheel again. At school the next day Adam ignores Eli and Clare's seating area, and listens to Fitz when he asks if Adam wants to sit across from him. Adam is confused that Fitz was an enemy and now he's trying to be a friend. Fitz also says it's a free earth and Adam can do whatever he wants. They eat lunch and have a friendly conversation, and when Eli confronts Adam, Adam basically makes fun of Eli and makes him leave pissed off. At the dot after school, Eli confronts Adam about him hanging out with the bully, Fitz. Adam tells him he's tired of being pitied and being the third wheel. He makes Eli feel bad and give up to say that he pitied him. Adam ignores Eli and Clare and continues to hang with Fitz.

In Purple Pills Part 2, Adam is in the weight room working out when Fitz comes in. Fitz notices that Adam is pretty strong but is having trouble with the weights, staying down, so he helps him put them down. After starting up a conversation Fitz asks if he's interested in something, like boxing. Adam agrees, he tells Fitz that he's may look a bit like a girl but he's all guy in his head. A few moments later Bianca walks in and puts on boxing gloves, Fitz tells Adam that he'll have to fight her, but Adam doesn't want to fight anyone especially Bianca. Fitz also tells Adam that if he's really a guy he'll back down and not hit a girl. Adam lets Bianca mess around with him a little bit but before Bianca punches him he leaves pissed off. Later in the halls Adam is waiting for Fitz to get out of the locker room and Eli comes and asks what's wrong Adam tells Eli what happened and that he's waiting for Fitz, Eli told him that it'll only make things worse but Adam doesn't listen. When Fitz gets out of the locker room Adam walks up to him and punches him and Fitz falls to the ground. Fitz tells him that he'll fight him later in the day. While practicing for the "fight" Eli and Clare walk in and ask Adam for them to help, Adam, Eli and Clare then devise a plan. Adam waits for Fitz with Eli outside during the time their supposed to fight. Fitz comes out of the building ready to fight, Adam punches him again and tells him he's not a girl. Fitz then chases after Adam and Eli and in the school Clare lights a stink bomb and throws it into the the exam room, and makes everyone leave. Outside Eli punches Fitz and then he punches back and gives Eli a bloody lip, and they watch everyone leave the gym. Fitz learns he has to back down and it takes Adam one more punch to send Fitz back on his knees, Adam sort of succeeds for now.

In All Falls Down Part 1, Clare and Eli are in the library spying on Mr. Simpson and the other faculty members upset and disscussing about the stink bomb that Clare threw. Clare tries to hide and Eli jokes around telling her that she's such a stink-bomber. Clare asks what she should do since Mr. Simpson was coming towards them, Eli told her to stay calm, and he'll handle it. They walk up to the entrance to the library, and Eli tells Mr. Simpson that the stink-bomb thrower was Fitz, Mr. Simpson makes sure it's true so he asks Clare and she says "I think so". After Mr. Simpson told them he'll go investigate it, he leaves, and Clare starts to panic. Eli tells her that it'll be all right and she believes him. They begin to kiss, and they pull away from each other. He tells her that he has a french exam and she says that he probably got practice. Excited about the kiss, while walking into class, Clare tells Alli about it. Alli tells her as long as he liked it she can kiss him as many times as she wants. Clare is happy and considers him her boyfriend now. After class, Clare walks up to Eli at his locker, and tells him that she is happy, and they begin to talk and then about to kiss until Fitz shows up. He gets Eli in a head lock and tells him that it's bs that he lied about the stink bomb, Clare is frightened, and Eli is still in a headlock. Luckily a teacher comes by and notices what Fitz is doing, and tells him to knock it off, and Fitz walks away telling him that he's lucky. Later, while buying tickets for the dance for her and Eli, Clare is confronted by Fitz. She tells him what it'll take for him to stop picking on Eli and Adam. He asks who she's is going to the dance with, and she says Eli. He tells her not for long, you're going to break off your date with Eli, and go to the dance with Fitzy. Clare then asks and then you'll stop picking on Eli and Adam, and he says yes as long as they don't get in his way. Clare reluctantly says yes. She tells Adam, that she doesn't know how to tell Eli, until Eli walks up and hears their conversation, and Adam sorta tells him. Clare tells him she's sorry, but he doesn't seem to mind, as long as Fitz will stop his ways. Clare and Eli hug then kiss, Eli then leaves. He goes outside and starts to mess a bit with Fitz, about wanting to take Clare. He tells her that there is nothing he can do about it, and especially when they have sex. Eli is super pissed. Later, Clare has Alli and Jenna over her house to get dressed for the dance and she tells them about the Eli, Fitz dilemma, they think it's pretty intense. Until the doorbell rings, Jenna gets it, and Eli walks in and asks if he can talk to Clare outside in private. She goes outside, and Eli gives her poison pills, he tells her that she should put those in Fitz's drink when he's not looking, he tells her that it'll make him throw up. Clare tells Eli that he's crazy and that she's not going to poison Fitz. Eli tells her that Fitz wants her to have sex wiht him, and Clare is just overwhelmed. She goes inside upset, and leaves Eli upset outside.

In All Falls Down Part 2, Clare is at the dance with Fitz, and is outside of his locker. They are talking and she learns from him that if Eli would just apologize to him then he'll leave him and Adam alone. He claims he's tired of them always wanting to fight him. Clare gets the idea for Eli to apologize, and runs off to find him. She looks around for him and sees him alone playing for chips. She tells Eli that if apologizes to Fitz then he'll stop picking on him and Adam, Eli tells her that he doesn't want to do anything, and this upsets Clare. She brings Eli to Fitz and tells him to apologize. Eli reluctantly apologizes, and Fitz notices it's not true. He tells Eli that he can tell that he doesn't mean the apology and doesn't accept it yet. Eli then tries to fool him and has the pills that Clare doesn't want him to put in Fitz's drink from earlier that day, but Eli has them in his drink. Eli gives Fitz a drink without the pills and Clare says that an Ancient Tradition is to switch cups. She switches Eli and Fitz's cups and Eli drinks his, and so does Fitz. Fitz bends down and throws up and Eli laughs to himself. Fitz is sorta embarrassed and runs off. Eli tells Clare he knew she'd do that so he purposley did what he did. Clare is pissed off at Eli and tries to ask why isn't he mad that he did that, and all Fitz wanted was an apology. Clare runs in the hallway to go talk to Fitz. Fitz is putting his jacket in his locker and Clare apologizes to him and pretty much blows her off. Clare then sees Fitz take a knife from his locker and put it in his pocket. She is nervous and Fitz knows it. She tries to get away and tells him that she is going back to the dance and runs off. Clare then tells Adam that Fitz has a knife and is looking for Eli, she wonders where he is. While trying to find him, her and Adam tell Mr. Simpson about Fitz and the knife, and hear the school is in lockdown. Clare goes in the hallway and finds Eli, she tells him that he needs to go in the gym because Fitz is coming after him with a knife, Eli doesn't seem to care, because he doesn't do anything. Finally Fitz comes up to them and Clare is trembling. He flips out his knife and is trying to corner Eli, which is being gaurded by Clare. Eli tries to tell Fitz he's sorry but Fitz doesn't listen to him. Clare tells Fitz to stop and to understand--but he calls her an annoying bitch and she gets out of the way. Fitz tells Eli what are you gonna do know emo boy and corners him. Fitz then takes the knife and scares Eli, Fitz then stabs the knife in the door. Eli slides down to the ground, as Fitz is taken away by the police. Eli and Clare go outside to see Fitz being arrested, and they try to tell Mr. Simpson the truth. He is pissed off and; and he tells them all that after break they won't recognize the school.