This was the last appearance of Mia on the show. She was starting a new semester of 11th grade at Degrassi Community School.

Mia Jones
"Get over yourself Peter."


Anya, Leia, Holly J, Chantay


Lucas, Nic, JT, Danny, Peter

First Appearance

"Can't Hardly Wait"

Last Appearance

"Just Can't Get Enough, Part Two"


Nina Dobrev

Season 9 SummaryEdit

This season Mia only returns as a recurring/guest appearance character because she recieves job in Paris.

In Just Can't Get Enough Part 1, Mia is happy to come back from L.A with a whole new load of popularity, but with her beau Peter. After, meeting two new rich kids Declan and Fiona and getting invited to their party, Mia tells Peter the big news. She tells him that she got a job of being a "Euro Fresh Face".

She says she is going to take the job and get home schooled there, and after pre-school Izzi and her Mom will move there with her. Peter seems happy and decides to go with her. But, when Peter sees Mia's sophisticated ways at the party he resorts to crystal meth, and decides not to go with her. She notices the meth and tells him to stop and he tells her that everything is all about her and that he's not going. This signifies that they broke up.

In Just Can't Get Enough Part 2, Mia leaves for Paris and but tries to tell Peter to stop. He doesn't. Later in the episode, Mia is seen video chatting with Peter and his mom before a photo shoot. Peter is back to normal and she is happy about that. Since, then that was the last time we have seen Mia.

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In Start Me Up, Mia is mentioned because Peter was thinking of dating Victoria, and he didn't want his new relationship with Victoria to end up like his last two. But when it doesn't and it goes directly down the drain, because she still is using drugs, Peter doesn't have to worry.

In Keep On Loving You, Mia is also mentioned again because Danny wants Peter to help get Chantay sick so Peter wont have to kiss her in the play. Danny makes a reference to Mia and her modeling career by asking if Peter ever cared when Mia had to kiss the horrible modeling people for her job. Peter says he never really noticed it because that was her job and she had to do that.