It aired....

Canada: May 10th, 2010

U.S: April 2nd, 2010


A Plot

If there’s one word to describe Broken Promises (originally titled Why Can’t This Be Love), it’s anticlimactic.

The first thirty minutes of this episode is nothing more than a setup for Part 2. I hate when they do that (they did it in Jane Says)…why allocate an entire 30-minute episode to a part of the story where nothing of interest happens? If it’s aired as an hour-long special you might not notice it, but I watched it as two separate parts…it’s more noticable that way.

The spring formal is coming up and of course Sav and Anya have plans to go together. The only thing is Sav’s parent’s don’t know he and Anya got back together after their last breakup. And family friends of the Bhandari’s are coming into town to stay with them.

They bring along Farrah, who both sets of parents want her to be Sav’s future wife. They also want Sav to take Farrah to prom as his date. Sav convinces Peter to pose as her date so that Sav can still go with Anya.

B Plot

I’m not going to spend much time on these because they weren’t very good at all. In Part 1, Johnny and Bruce grow apart. It’s a lame attempt at trying to show that Johnny’s maturing and going off to college next year, while Bruce will still be left behind. Bruce gets angry because he thinks Johnny is getting “full of himself” because he’s going to college, they fight, then they make up, completely voiding all of the muddled drama between them. Oh yeah, and Johnny’s got a new haircut.