It aired....

Canada: May 17th, 2010

U.S: April 2nd, 2010


A Plot

Part 2 has a faster tempo, throwing us in the midst of the prom. Through the entire episode Anya had hinted that she and Sav would be having sex on prom night. She’s even more determined when confronted by Farrah in the bathroom. In the blink of an eye, Farrah turns from the nice girl into a “Sav will eventually be mine” bitch, which made no sense considering there was no hints from Farrah that she was even genuinely interested in Sav to begin with.

Yes, Sav and Anya have sex. The kicker is that they didn’t have a condom, and Anya lied about being on birth control. She lied because she was scared of losing Sav at the time, and thought having sex with him would keep him around. Taking that angle about sex might’ve been the best thing to come from this episode, seeing as how they’ve touched on the whole sex thing so many times. Anya takes the morning after pill, but Sav breaks up with her because he can no longer trust her.

Now the acting in Broken Promises isn’t bad, but it’s nothing memorable either. One thing you will do is feel bad for Anya seeing as how the entire episode she feels like she’s being slowly pushed out of Sav’s life. Apparently this episode was supposed to make us cry? No tears here. I will give Samantha Munro credit, she can cry really well, but her crying scene at the end of this episode is nowhere near as amazing as when she cried in the Season 7 episode “Ladies Night.”

B Plot

I really like Alli and Dave, but this plot was dumb. They’re recruited to serve drinks at the prom, which Alli thinks she’s too cool do. They’re also both part of a jump roping club, which she considers lame too. Dave puts her in her place because she’s way too worried about “being cool.” Unfortunately it’s one of those plots where even if it’s two likable characters, there’s an odd chemistry between them. That, and the plot seems extraordinarily out of place compared to the main plot.